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I have been shooting wildlife and nature photographs for over twenty years, and with that in mind it has been and continues to be a never ending learning experience. What you see here in this site are a few images that I feel represent a product that the public may be interested in.

  The subjects that you see are I guess considered my style and that style is more of documenting the subject than creating a flowing scene, It most likely comes from my obsession with telephoto lenses. I started out hunting with my friends and would see wildlife interacting naturally and would just sit and watch in amazement! then when my friends would get together it was hard to explain how amazing the moment was, and then the hunting season would end and we all would wait until the next season came and for me that wasn't enough.. So here we are today every day is hunting season no waiting no matter the season!

  I have had great support Family and friends. I have had the best support from a great photographer and friend Kevin Dilley and the best moral support from Candace & Zach, Jill, Randy,Cody & Jacci and Bill Chrisman and I cannot forget Melody and Angie. And my largest supporter who just left this world for a better place Mom.

  I hope you all enjoy and please leave me a note if you have any comments.

  Thanks Mike

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